Redbush tea

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Rooibos is the famous name of the redbush tea. The rooibos is the broom-like family member of the Fabaceae which used to grow in the South Africa’s fynbos. The generic name “rooibos” comes from the calicotome villosa which refers the name of the plant whose growth is very identical to the rooibos plant. The other name of the plant is often recalled as the “linearis” due to its linear growth and the needle-like leaves.

The leaves of the plant are used to make the herbal tea called the redbush tea. There are a number countries in which the consumption of the redbush tea is popular. The tea has the South African origin and usually grows in the Western Cape of the country.


The leaves of the rooibos are first oxidized which results in the production of the reddish-brown color and is also responsible for enhancing the flavor of the tea. Unoxidised green rooibos is also formed as an alternative product and is more expensive than the traditional reddish-brown rooibos. The preparation of the tea in South Africa is common to that of the black tea in which the specific amount of the milk and the sugar is added for the taste.

Health benefits of drinking the redbush tea

By amalgamating the results of a number of different research, a number of benefits of drinking the tea have been revealed. Health benefits include the cure of a nagging headache, the cure for insomnia, remedy for asthma, eczema, and the prevention of the bone weakness. The drinking of the tea is also helpful in minimizing hypertension, allergies, and the premature aging. The research on the tea has also revealed that it is free from the caffeine content. Further, the redbush tea is also very low in the tannins.

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