Yerba Rosamonte

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Rosamonte was founded in 1936 by the Don Demetrio HRENUK who was the son of the Ukrainian immigrant. For the first time, the business was started back in 1966 by growing the yerba mate. The yerba rosamonte was then marketed in Misiones Apostles, which is a province in the Argentina. Today rosamonte is the largest brand of the yerba mate provider in the country with its most popular smokey flavor.

Preparation of the yerba rosamonte

The preparation of the yerba rosamonte is a unique process. First, the exclusive selection of the raw material is carried out. The selected dried leaves of the Ilex paraguariensis, are toasted, crushed and then mixed with a number of small branches, flowers stem and the petioles.

The composition of yerba rosamonte is precisely measured as 65 percent of the dried, crushed or the powdered leaves. 35 percent of the stems, plant fibers, and the fragments are also amalgamated in the mixture. After compressing the yerba leaves into very small pieces the product is then stored in the jute bags for nearly 12 months. The small crushed leaves are suitable for the packing purpose. The yerba rosamonte acquires its distinguished flavor, aroma and the unique color in this period of time.

Taste of the yerba rosamonte

The strong, aromatic and the lasting taste of the yerba is the core entity of the yerba. There are a number of drinkers that often recommends this type of the yerba mate for the starter drinkers.

There are also a number of different varieties of the yerba that are available for the drinking. Some of the most demanded and the most popular varieties of the yerba rosamonte are given below.

  1. Suave Yerba Mate
  2. Especial Yerba Mate
  3. Traditional Yerba Mate
  4. Yerba Mate Traditional


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